Uploads for Website Galleries

As a member of Riviera Camera Club, you may have your photos displayed in a personal gallery or in a field trip gallery on the club's website.  To upload your photos for these galleries, please do the following:


  • Click on one of the buttons below
  • Log on using the password "rivi"
  • Type your name in where it says "Your Name".  If this is for a field trip, put the field trip name in the "short message" field. You do not need to fill in the other fields
  • In the "Batch Upload" tab, click on the "Add" button 
  • Drill down to where your pictures are located on your computer and select the files that you want to be uploaded and click on "Open"
  • Click on the green "Upload" button. You can close the window after the upload is completed


All files should be jpegs. If possible, please keep the files between 1MB and 5MBs.  If the file is too small, it won't display well. If it is too large, it will take a long time to upload.  It may take a couple of days for the pictures to display in the galleries.





State Fair

Glennie Nature

PSA Competition