Critiques, Photo Sharing, Group Edits

Digital Upload Instructions

  • Click on the "Digital Upload" button below
  • Enter your name and then click on the green "add" button in the Batch Upload tab.  Select your files (you may upload several at once) and click on Open
  • Click on the green "upload" button.  Once your photos are uploaded, you can close the tab.

                                                                          Digital Upload


Digital Entries - Critiques / Photo Shares:

  • Image dimensions - 3840 x 2160
  • Limit file size to 2 mb (2,000k) 
  • The resolution should be 96 ppi
  • Color space should be sRGB
  • Save as a jpeg.
  • Naming for Digital Photo Critiques - Category, Title (can be shortened) first initial & last name.  Example:  Open_MistyStream_JDoe
  • Naming for Photo Sharing - for your first photo - 1_first initial and last name, 2nd photo 2_first initial and last name, etc. Example:  1_JDoe

Print Critique Guidelines

  • Print entries must be securely mounted on mount boards or foam core boards and matted.  The minimum mat size is 11x14 and the maximum size is 16x20.  
  • Secure a label on the back upper left hand corner of the mount board.  List the Category, title and your name. No information should appear on the front of the image.

Photo Share Print Guidelines

  • Photos can be any size.  They can be matted or un-matted


"Group Edit" Program Submission Guidelines

  • Photos can be any size.  They can be matted or un-matted
  • Image Type/Format - RAW Images Preferred (resolution & size guidelines above do not apply), but jpeg & tiffs are acceptable.