Taking it to the Next Level

a 1 day seminar with Bill Fortney


Riviera Camera Club, in cooperation with Robert's Camera and Fuji Film, is please to present "Taking it to the Next Level" with photographer Bill Fortney on Saturday, May 7, 2016.  This day long seminar will be held at the Clowes Auditorium in the Central Library in downtown Indianapolis beginning at 9 AM and concluding at 5 PM. The seminar is for photographers of all skill levels and will feature the following teaching units:

  • The Camera's Controls Every advanced camera has the ability to allow the photographer to set the shutter speed, aperture setting and focus the lens. It is these controls that allow you, the photographer, to decide what the subject will be, how much depth of sharpness you will allow and how motion will be rendered. When you master the use of these controls you can make images that express the story you desire to tell.
  • The Eye Seeks Brightness, Sharpness and Warmth - When we look at an image our eye goes to three things: the sharpest thing in the image, the brightest thing in the image, and the warmest thing in the image. By understanding why these are important, we can use them to affect how the viewer perceives our images. These are psychological reactions deeply embedded in our perception. They can and will make you a more effective photographer.
  • Exposure Exposed and White Balance Demystified - For many, the greatest hurdle to leap over in photography is getting proper exposure. Fortunately in the age of digital photography, this is not as big a problem as it was in the narrow latitude of transparency film shooting. There are, however, principles you must understand that will help you make the most effective exposures and greatly improve your images.
  • Light - The most important thing we have as a photographer is light. In fact without light there is no photography! Understanding the quality and direction of light will greatly help you make the best images of your life. Light needs constant study and evaluation. We need to get familiar with all the possibilities and what subjects need what kinds of light.
  • Composition - How we control the elements within the frame will determine the effectiveness of our images. In this session you will get familiar with subject placement, subject size, eliminating distractions, cropping, using lines of direction, and how to give the illusion of depth in a two dimensional photograph. This is a starting gate for a lifetime of learning to compose your images.
  • The Four Things Every Successful Image Must Have This classic, time-tested lesson on the four things you need to make a great image is one of the most important lessons in all of photography. Learn how to (1) define a subject (2) get the right light for that subject (3) control the elements within the frame and (4) recognize and deal with conditions to greatly improve your results!

All attendees will receive the 6 E-Book collection Reliable Guide Foundation Series by Bill Fortney, a $30 value. There will also be door prizes.


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Date:  May 7, 2016

Time:  9 am - 5 pm

Location:  Clowes Auditorium, Central Library, 40 E. St. Clair Street, Indianapolis, IN  46204

Cost:  $79 through April 30, $89 after April 30


Bill Fortney Bio

Bill is a photographer, writer, pilot, and highly sought after presenter with over 45 years of experience. He has done professional work as a newspaper and magazine photojournalist, sports photographer (once an official photographer for the Washington Redskins), medical photographer, and nature/landscape photographer. Bill's bestselling books include: The Nature of America (with David Middleton), American Vision (with David Middleton, John Shaw and Wayne Lynch), America From 500 Feet (with Wesley Fortney), Bill Fortney's Great Photography Workshop, and America From 500 Feet II (with Mark Kettenhofen). Bill's books have sold well over 150,000 copies, placing him on the list of bestselling photographer/authors in America.  Bill has been named a Fellow by the North American Nature Photographers Association.

Bill was a teacher for KelbyOne for several years. Currently, he leads workshops, is a Fuji X photographer, and enjoys spending time with his family. You can learn more about Bill, his workshops and view his work at www.billfortney.com.


Faqs -

Where can I park?  - There is underground parking at the library for a small fee. The garage is entered from Pennsylvania Street just south of 9th Street. There is also street parking on Pennsylvania Street.

Is lunch included? - Lunch is on your own.  There will be a 90 minute lunch break. There is a cafe at the library and a list of nearby restaurants will be provided.

How can I contact the organizers with questions? - You may contact us at [email protected], attn: Lesley

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