2020 Images of Nature

Photography Competition and Exhibition


Due to Covid 19 restrictions and the desire to keep our artists and park staff and volunteers safe, the Images of Nature (ION) photo competition and show will not be held during 2020. ION is a long-standing tradition to many who enjoy taking and displaying photographic works of nature art. Making ION successful is a cooperative effort of Riviera Camera Club, Eagle Creek Park, Eagle Creek Park Foundation and many Eagle Creek volunteers and all provide key components to the fine show we’ve come to expect through the years.

Due to uncertainties regarding whether the Earth Discovery Center would be open, and what restrictions might be in place regarding crowd size and social distancing, it became evident that it would not be possible to hold the ION opening reception. Accepting, judging and displaying the artwork in a safe manner also seemed impossible so we decided we needed to cancel the show as we have known it for so long. 

It is our hope that in 2021, our lives will return to a more normal routine, and that ION can again be a part of the Indianapolis area nature photography scene. Thank you for your past support of this event, and we look forward to better times. In the meantime, keep taking those great nature photos to use in the next Images of Nature!




"The Eyes Have It" Photo by Ryan Jeske

"The Eyes Have It"

Photo by Ryan Jeske